Things to do before you visit a Static Caravan Park

Buying your very own static caravan is a very exciting time for all the family to enjoy…isn’t it!!
Doing your homework is essential when it comes to buying your static caravan holiday home, the main reason for this, is to make sure that your visit to a caravan park is informative and gives you a good idea as to whether the park and the static caravans they have are what you are looking for. There is such a lot to see and take in when you visit a caravan park and a mistake at this stage could be a very expensive one, therefore a Needs and Wants check list will help you to find the right park and static caravan for you.

So what do you need to do:

Request for our easy to use Needs and Wants check list. It covers all the relevant areas you will need to consider when doing your ‘homework’ and will make your visit easier, in terms of being able to clearly explain to the sales person what you are looking for and the sort of budget you have in mine.

Advantages to having a completed check list

Whilst visiting caravan parks is very exciting it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you visit numerous in a day. No two caravan parks are exactly the same and they are

catering for all the different tastes, needs and budgets, that each and every new customer may have.

If you are prepared with a completed check list you can short cut this confusion and establish very quickly if the park is for you or not.

What sort of homework do I need to do before I visit a Static Caravan Park

There are many considerations, such as park location, season length, costs, caravans to name but a few. You must also consider your family’s needs, such as; things to do, facilities, pet friendly and so on, your check list will help with this. Most of the information you will need, can easily be found through the internet and on various park websites.

Questions are the Answers

You’re on your way now – with your homework done, and your Needs and Wants check list completed and your questions ready to be asked – your park visit will be what it should be, a very informative, honest and accurate way of deciding which caravan park and caravan is right for you.

Request for a needs and wants checklist – call 08009173170.